About Us

When a disaster strikes and hits your small business, it can have a devastating impact on your organization company infrastructure and business operations at large. With this being said, disaster preparedness is good business.

From hurricanes and tornadoes to fires and explosions and cybersecurity threats, emergencies and disasters can have a dramatic impact on your small business.

According to a study, about 25% of businesses don’t open and resume business operations again following a major disaster.

The primary purpose of this site is to help small businesses be better prepared during disasters.

Here you can have access to free and high-quality resources that cover guides and strategies to help prepare your small business for natural disasters and become a more resilient organization. We provide a wide range of contents about the impacts of disasters on small businesses and how-to’s to help your business recover quickly after a disaster, including the following topics:

  • Disaster Preparedness Checklist and Toolkit
  • Information on Disaster Relief
  • Guide to Rehabilitation After a Major Disaster
  • Get Back to Business Strategy Guide

Our online community also provides an excellent avenue where you can get insightful advice from our team of experienced industry experts who can address your disaster preparedness and business continuity inquiries, provide guidance, and share best practices.

Small Business Disaster Preparedness

Most catastrophes cannot be predicted and aren’t even preventable. But you can do something to minimize the potential losses and negative impacts of major disasters to your small business. Below is an outline of the steps you can take and implement within your organization:

  • Identify risks to your business – both manmade and natural
  • Create an emergency contact list
  • Create an emergency preparedness plan
  • Discuss your emergency plan with your employees and other members of your organization
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan
  • Keep your plan of action updated

Having a smart business disaster and emergency planning in place reduces the financial impacts of disasters on your small business. It also allows your business to get immediate help and bounce back quickly in the event of a major emergency.