Classic Jacket Is Launching Soon On Global Market

Classic Jacket Is Launching Soon On Global Market

There’s more to styling a jacket than just pairing it with a shirt. Of course, that’s definitely one of the looks you’ll likely go for especially if you’re in a rush. But for those less than hectic mornings when you have enough time to do something a bit different and stylish, you’ll be surprised how even just a few adjustments can spell a whole world of difference to the resulting look. Here are some ways that you can style the ever-handy jacket.

Go denim.

Denim jackets are both functional and enduring. More importantly, they are highly versatile too. The jean jacket may have been around for centuries but their style and appeal has definitely not faded over the years. It‘s a very hardworking garment and highly foolproof as well. Its universal appeal is worth noting and the fact that it can be worn with just about anything makes it a handy jacket— certainly one that everybody should invest in.

When wearing a denim jacket, always remember to never pair it with a pair of jeans. You want to create a little contrast so a pair of chinos or corduroys will be perfect. Since you want to create balance, you’ll want to pair it with a lower garment that is brown, tan or gray. Denim is also, by nature, highly casual. So, when it comes to footwear, among the safe bets are sneakers, canvas, and suede. Motorcycle boots and chukka aren’t bad either.

Invest in a windbreaker.

If you’re looking to add another item to your arsenal for the cold weather, a windbreaker is a good choice. This is one ideal topper to put on during the autumn months. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a heavy wind gust or a sudden storm, a windbreaker is just the perfect attire to keep you all warm and cozy from all that. Perhaps the greatest appeal of windbreakers is that they are truly versatile in every sense of the word. Its timeless look is certainly worthy of note, but it can also look classy and sporty at the same time. If going low key is what you’re aiming for, a pair of joggers and sneakers would complete the look.

Bomber jackets are the bomb.

Cool is definitely what would first come to mind when thinking about bomber jackets. A mainstay in the military ensemble, it has also earned its place as one of the most revered pieces of today’s pop culture. Versatility is a huge factor that makes this jacket as iconic as it has become now. The fact that there are so many iterations of this jacket available means that it can be easily worn for any look. The lightweight pieces would be perfect for those spring days.

For the colder days, go for the heavier versions, replete with warm fur collars. The way they are styled would depend largely on the specific occasions that they are being worn for. for that effortless running an errand look, pair it with matching bottoms, along with a polo shirt of contrasting hue. You’ll never go wrong with a t-shirt too. Zipping it up and pairing it with loafer and some tailored slacks without any socks on would definitely give you that 50s vibe.

Jackets are quite versatile and great additions to any wardrobe. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a variety of styles that won’t just fit your specific style and preferences but also those that would go well with the changing seasons.

Steven Lopez