Final Shot Made Them Win Last Day Championships

Final Shot Made Them Win Last Day Championships

It doesn’t matter how much of a seasoned shooter you are or how much time you’ve spent practicing, there will always be off days— times when you’ll find it hard to make your shots. How you react to these off days can have an impact on how your succeeding games are going to turn up. When you get too bothered by your slumps, they can become such massive confidence busters which can lead to you becoming even less effective the next time you play.

What to Do with Slumps

If you’re having a tough night getting your shots to connect, you always have your coach to turn to who can help you navigate a difficult game. Coaches have encountered a number of similar situations with the players they have handled in the past and they are usually the best people you can lean on to help you get out of a bad slump.

Some coaches would want you to keep trying for a shot whenever you get an opening and you do exactly that, other coaches might want you to lay down the open shots for a bit to give you a bit of time to recollect and calm down. You do that too. You have to understand that there is more to playing a game than making those shots to the basket if you’re having a less than effective shooting night, you can always work on other things instead.

Working Your Way Out

A lot of the players like who have been through similar situations in the past will tell you that they are generally just something mental. It’s all in the mind. Of course, there is also a certain percentage when the slump may have something to do with your shooting technique. In this case, you can always have somebody take a video of your game that you can then replay later. This will give you a good look at how you have been rearing those shots to see if there may be something about your pose, your hand direction, or even the way you tipped the ball that could have made the difference to make it to the basket.

Stop Hesitating

It’s usually when you hesitate and take a pause before making the shot when you give self-doubt a chance to crawl in and affect you considerably. You have done your part. You’ve practiced your shooting, you know you can do it, so, the moment you get the ball passed to you and you have an opening, don’t hesitate and take that shot. No, you do not need to rush things. But you certainly don’t want to pause long enough that it turns into hesitation.

Keep Practicing

The best way to deal with a shooting slump is to shoot more. It will do you no good to just sulk in a corner about how your shots couldn’t make it, especially in the crucial moments. Shooting is an acquired skill and the best way to deal with a dismal shooting performance is to practice and to practice more. At the end of the day, it really boils down to the kind of attitude you take on when dealing with some game challenges that will ultimately determine how soon you can get out of your shooting slump. This way, when it really counts the most, you know you wouldn’t have a hard time making that final shot.

Steven Lopez